Om oss – Verksamheten


Juventas ungdomsjour is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent organization within the association Criminal Victim, Women and Youth Shelter in Södertalje, Salem and Nykvarn. We are members of Unizon, the association that gathers women’s shelters, girl’s shelters and other support organizations working for an equal society free from violence.


We want through our commitment help strengthen young people’s self-esteem, in a respectful way, support and meet them where they are and contribute to Unizons vision – an equal society free of violence.


  • To help all young people to take their place in society and get their voice heard regardless of gender identity
  • Getting young people to feel that they are important and valuable
  • To prevent mental illness among young people
  • Preventing violence among boys
  • To make visible and to work against all forms of discrimination and violence against girls
  • Getting young people to dare to trust the adult world
  • Giving boys alternative masculinity ideals
  • Working to raise awareness and change limiting attitudes and norms among youth on gender equality issues

How we operate

Ungdomsjouren supports all young people between 13 and 21 years. The Youth Support Association’s mission is to offer young people a support through support activities, where they can turn to with questions or problems that they need to talk to someone about.Ungdomsjouren is also working with an outreach that is a positive and creative operation where we offer community and context in order to strengthen the youth. Ungdomsjouren also offers courses, lectures and workshops for professionals who encounter young people in their work.

Ungdomsjouren is conducted mostly by dedicated volunteers who have a professional attitude. The Youth Support Association’s work and activities are based on human rights and the CRC.

Ungdomsjouren has two legs – Juventas sisters and Juventas brothers. Those websites are only available in Swedish but you can ask all your questions and talk to our staff.

Juventas sisters conducts its work aimed at young girls and Juventas bröder have activities for young boys, but also the young people of the other gender identities are welcome to us for support, pep talk and / or participate in our outreach activities. Ungdomsjouren works with secure rooms for young and believe that separatism is an important part of this.

The practical work

  • Support activities – volunteers responding to emails and chatting on call time. Accountable Jonna supports calls by mail, phone and meetings
  • External activities – workshops, girl and boy groups, creative activities, camps, etc.
  • Sisterhood / brotherhood – where young girls / boys get to meet one of our volunteers for support and pep talk for 10 months
  • Information services -Ungdomsjouren informs about its activities in schools and in other instances. Collaboration with other instances is an important part of the activities.

Vi som jobbar på ungdomsjouren



Ansvarig för verksamheten och utbildad socionom. Hon samordnar ungdomsjourens olika områden, utbildar och handleder volontärer, har stödsamtal med unga tjejer, ger skolinformation m.m.



Projektledare för Achawat Tayebat som syftar till att integrera nyanlända tjejer i Södertälje genom att erbjuda systerskap med verksamhet på arabiska eller syrianska.



Projektledare för ungdomsjourens ordinarie verksamhet för systerskap med uppdraget att träffa alla lilla- och storasyster, matcha, följa upp och utvärdera systerskapen.



Projektledare för Juventas bröder, samordnar manliga volontärer och jobbar för att etablera en samverkan med bland annat skolor och fritidsgårdar för en långsiktig attityd- och normförändring kring maskulinitet, våld och genus.