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Here you will find organizations and sites where you can chat, email, call or visit if you have questions or need to talk to someone. They are sorted in alphabetical order.

112 – SOS

Call 112 if there is an acute emergency. For example, if someone is injured or feel so bad that it is dangerous for the person’s life or health. You can get help by including ambulance, fire and police.

Phone: 112

1177 Health Care Guide

For this number, you can call anytime and get advice about care. The site contains information on health, diseases, symptoms and treatments. You can also ask a question anonymously and get a personal response.

Phone: 1177
1177 Vårdguiden

1000 opportunities

An organization that supports you who are young, whether you are male, female, transgender or do not want to define you at all. In the chat, you can talk about whatever you want. 1000 opportunities also has a special support line for those who have the experience of having sex for payment. Those who work there are young adults who have a vow of silence.

1000 opportunities

AA – Alcoholics Anonymous

If you have an alcohol problem or are concerned about someone in your vicinity you can call Alcoholics Anonymous, AA. There you talk to someone who has been addicted to alcohol.

Phone: 08-720 38 42
AA- Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol line

For Alcoholics line you can call if you are thinking about your own or someone else’s drinking habits. You can get support to change your drinking, or advice on what to do if someone you know has a problem with alcohol. You can remain anonymous.

Phone: 020-84 44 48
Alcohol line

ALL Women’s House

How do you find support, advice and protection for those who are women or children and who are exposed to violence and sexual abuse.

ALL Women’s House

 BEO – Child and School Student Representative

If you get hurt or bullied in school and do not get help from your school, you can contact the BEO. On the site you can also read about your rights in school.

Phone: 08-586 080 00
E-mail: beo@skolinspektionen.se
BEO – Child and School Student Representative

BO, Barnombudsmannen, Child care phone line

Phone line for those who are under 18 years. Here you will find out what rights you have under the CRC and how you can help. It is free to call and the call does not appear on your phone bill.

Phone: 020-23 10 10


BRIS helps children up to age 18 who need to talk to an adult. You can call, email or chat anonymously. It costs nothing to call there.

Phone: 116 111

Brottsofferjouren – Victim Support

If you are a victim of any crime and want to get support and help, you can call or email Brottsofferjouren. It costs nothing to call there.

Phone: 0200-21 20 19
E-mail: unga@boj.se
Victim Support

Brottsoffermyndigheten – Crime Victim authority

Brottsoffermyndigheten has a hotline where you can get answers to questions about crime. For example, if the trial goes on or if you are wondering what help you are entitled to if you have suffered a crime.

Phone: 090-70 82 00


For child- and youth psychiatry, you can write anonymously and ask about the various difficulties or mental health problems. You can also read answers to other questions.


Bup Elephant

For Bup elephant you can call if you have been the victim of sexual abuse or assault. You can also get help if you have committed sexual abuse against anyone.

Phone: 010-105 96 75
Bup Elephant

Children Power

Advocacy, information dissemination and prevention regarding children victims of sexual abuse.


Children and youth line, IVO

You can call Child and Youth line, or e-mail or chat anonymously with IVO, for example, you get the care that you are not happy with or have contact with social services that do not work well. You can also ask about what rights you have.

Inspectorate for Health Care (IVO) is an authority to ensure that the social services, health care and LSS activities are working as they should.

Phone: 020-120 06 06
Children and youth line, IVO

Dina rättigheter.se – Your rights

Here is a chat for you to feel that you do not get control over your life and your future. For example, if you can not love who you want for your family or if you are afraid of being forced to marry.

E-mail: karlekenarfri@rb.se
Chat: msn@dinarattigheter.se
Dina rättigheter.se

DO – Diskrimineringsombudsmannen – Discrimination help

You can call if you have questions about discrimination. You can also notify the DO if you have been discriminated against because of gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, functional difference, sexual orientation or age.

Phone: 08-120 20 700
E-mail: do@do.se
DO – Diskrimineringsombudsmannen

Dopingjouren – Doping help

For Doping helpline you can call if you have any questions related to anabolic steroids and doping to do. You can also post a question and get an answer, or read answers to other questions.

Phone: 020-546 987


Drug Smart is a site with information about alcohol and other drugs. Here you can ask a question anonymously about different drugs and abuse. You who have substance abuse in the family can get help finding a support group.



FATTA is a nonprofit membership association for all regardless of sex or gender identity that want to engage against sexual violence and the consent of practice and legislation. You can also get tips and advice on how to talk consent and how you can help by getting involved.


Frisk & Fri – Fresh & Free

The National Society for eating disorders. Hit you who need help and support with eating disorders turn. As related, or if you have questions about your own eating disorder.


Fråga UMO – Ask UMO

Here you can ask questions anonymously about health, sex and relationships. You get answers from someone who works at a youth clinic or the student health.

Fråga UMO

Föreningen Storasyster – Big sister association

Big Sister Association is for you as a girl, boy, woman, man, or transgender and has been sexually abused or know someone who has done it. You can email, chat, get counseling online or get a sister or brother to chat with.

E-mail: jour@foreningenstorasyster.se
Föreningen Storasyster

Hbt-jouren – LGBT hotline

For RFSL’s LGBT-hotline you can call anonymously if you want to talk about sexual orientation, relationships, or of a related LGBT person.

Phone: 0771-66 67 68

HBTQ-kojan – LGBT crib

If you are gay, bi, trans or queer and between 13 and 25 years old, you can get a LGBT mentor to chat with about everything that you think is important.


Hjälplinjen – Help line

For help line you can call anonymously and get support if you are in psychological crisis or other difficult situation. You can also call if you are concerned about someone else. Those who respond are trained to provide psychological help. There is no cost to call.

Phone: 020-22 00 60

Institute for Law and Internet

Here is help for those who have been exposed to threats or violations online. You can report what you’ve been through directly on the site.

Institute for Law and Internet

Jourhavande kompis – Chat friend

Chat friend is a chat for those who are under 25, where you can chat anonymously about anything.

Chat friend

Killfrågor.se – Boy questions

If you identify yourself as a boy you can chat anonymously when you need someone to listen or support. You can talk about anything you want. Those who respond are adult volunteers who are especially good at listening to and supporting young boys.



Kuling.nu are for those who have a mentally ill parent. Here is a chat where you can talk to an adult who knows what you’re going through. There is also a forum where you can write about your own experiences or read about others.


Kvinnofridslinjen – Phone line for women

Kvinnofridslinjen is a telephone support line for those who have been exposed to threats, violence or sexual abuse. Even for those who know someone who has been exposed. You may remain anonymous and the people who works with the phone line have sworn to secrecy.

Phone: 020-50 50 50

Linnamottagningen – Linna Clinic

Linna Clinic provides counseling, support and protection to girls and boys who are limited, controlled or exposed to violence by family or relatives. You can make an anonymous call to their hotline and it costs nothing.

Phone: 020-40 70 40

Maskrosbarn – Dandelion Children

Dandelion Children is for young individuals who have parents who abuse or are mentally ill. You can chat with someone who knows how it is to be in the same situation. At Dandelion Children theres is a special childrens delegate that can help you in contact with social services. You can also get support calls via Skype.


Män för jämställdhet – Men for equality

For those who want to engage in gender equality! Men for equality welcomes everyone regardless of gender identity.

Män för jämställdhet

NA – Narcotics Anonymous

If you have problems with drugs or are worried about someone in your vicinity, you can contact Narcotics Anonymous in Sweden, NA. They have a hotline and receive questions on the website.

Phone: 0771-13 80 00
NA – Anonyma Narkomaner

Novahuset – Nova house

You can contact Nova house if you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse or been through sex who did not feel good, online or offline. You can obtain support via phone, chat or email.

Phone: 076-149 97 15
Chat (MSN): novahuset@hotmail.com
E-mail: mejljour@novahuset.com
Website: Novahuset

Nätvandrarna – Net walkers

Nätvandrarna are available on various sites, like Habbo and Ungdomar.se. They are adults who are online and can help you if you are experiencing different things. You can talk to them via Skype or email.

Phone: 0739-50 22 24

Origo Stockholm

Origo is an organization for you as a girl or a boy between 13 and 26 years in Stockholm who are or are at risk of honor-related oppression and violence. Origo has a special youth number that you can call anonymously, and it costs nothing.

Phone: 020-25 30 00
E-mail: origo@stockholm.se
Origo Stockholm


If you are aged 15-25, gay, bisexual, trans and / or queer and have thoughts about sex for compensation, you can chat anonymously on Pegasus operated by RFSL Youth.


Polisen – the Police

You can call here if there is no rush, for example if you have been robbed, seen a crime or feel threatened by anyone.

Phone: 114 14
Om det är bråttom, ring 112
the Police


For PrevenTells help line you can call anonymously if you feel you have lost control of your sexuality. For example, if you’re afraid to do yourself or others ill. The person who answers is someone who knows a lot about such issues.

Phone: 020-66 77 88

Prostitutionschatten – Prostitution chat

If you sell or buy sex online or IRL, or if you feel that porn or phone sex is a problem for you, you can contact Prostitution chat. You can call, chat or email anonymously, and it costs nothing.

Phone: 020-35 40 40

E-mail: mikamalmo@malmo.se


RFSL:s brottsofferjour för hbt-personer – Victims Support for LGBT people

If you have been the victim of abuse, violence, threats, harassment or hate crime, you can contact RFSL’s victim support for LGBT people and get support.

Phone: 020-34 13 16
E-mail: boj@rfsl.se
RFSL:s brottsofferjour för hbt-personer


RFSU is an organization that informs about sex and relationships. You can chat with them anonymously, or ask a question and get an answer. Other peoples asked questions are also available to read.


Rsci – Riksföreningen Stödcentrum mot incest – Support Centre against Incest

If you have been victim of sexual abuse as a child, you can get support from Rsci. They have a hotline you can call anonymously. You can also call in the case of someone close. Those who respond are bound to secrecy.

Phone: 08–696 00 95
E-mail: stod@rsci.se
Rsci – Riksföreningen Stödcentrum mot incest

Rättegångsskolan – Trial education

Learn all about how it works from report to trial



A site with information about sex, where you can also ask a question and receive a personal reply. The information on the site is also available in Arabic, English and Spanish.



Here you can get support and understanding of mental illness, eating disorders and self-harm.


Självmordslinjen Mind – Suicide Line

The suicide line Mind is a website about mental illness and suicide. You who are ill or who have a loved one who are can call, chat anonymously or ask questions via email.

Phone: 90 101
Suicide line Mind

Sluta-röka-linjen – Quit Smoking Line

You who smoke or have already quit smoking, can call the Quit Smoking Line and get personal advice and support from people who are used to help people stop smoking. You may remain anonymous and there is no cost to call. On the site, you can write about your experiences of quitting smoking, or learn about other people.

Phone: 020-84 00 00


Snorkel is a site with information about depression, worry, anxiety and stress. Here are tips on how you can feel better if you feel bad. You can also ask a question and receive a personal response, or read others questions and answers. You may remain anonymous.


Somaya kvinno- och tjejjour – Support for girls and women

Somaya provides help and support to you as a girl and is exposed to violence. You can call and get help in many languages, including Arabic, Tigrinia, Persian, Sorani, Somali, Spanish and English. Those who work at Somaya knows a lot about honor-related violence.

Phone: 020-81 82 83
Somaya kvinno- och tjejjour

Stödlinjen –  Support line

If gaming no longer feels good, you can contact the Support Line. There you can also get help if you are worried about someone else. You can call or chat.

Phone: 020-81 91 00


Terrafem working for girls’ right to live without male violence and domination. They have a hotline you can call if you for example have been beaten, threatened or raped, or you risk being forced to marry. You can get support and advice in many different languages.

Phone: 020-52 10 10


All those who define themselves as girls can hear from a tjejjour and talk about different things. It may for example be about how you feel, about sex or any ailment you’ve been through. You can call, chat or email. There are shelters throughout the country. Phone numbers of different girl shelters are available on site.


Tjejzonen – The girl zone

On Tjejzonen you that identifies yourself as a girl can be supported by a ‘Big Sister. You can ask questions and talk about anything that feels important to you.

If you want to talk about eating disorders is a special chat called Eating disorder zone.

Ätstörningszonen – Eating disorder zone

Transformering – Transformation

Transformation is a site with information about trans and gender identity. If you have any questions concerning trans, gender identity, health or relationships, you can email them.

E-mail: trans@rfslungdom.se

TRIS – Tjejers Rätt i Samhället – Girls’ rights in society

You can call the organization TRIS, if you feel limited by your family or relatives, or are exposed to threats or violence when trying to make your own choices. Or if you just want to talk.

Phone: 0774-40 66 00
TRIS – Tjejers Rätt i Samhället

Ung i Tälje

Aimed at those aged 16-25 and 18-29 with activity replacement who neither work nor study.

Ung i Tälje


Unizon collects organizations that supports girls and women and also other support organizations working for an equal society free from violence. Unizon help you get in touch with a support centre. There are also answers to common questions.


This link list is taken with permission from umo.se, youth clinic on the web, thanks to you!

Till Juventas systrar-tjejjouren

Vi som jobbar på ungdomsjouren

Oliver Stenvall

Oliver Stenvall

Oliver är projektledare för utåtriktat arbete på ungdomsjouren. Det innebär att han främst är ute på skolor, idrottsföreningar och platser där ungdomar finns där han genom föreläsningar, workshops och samtal vänder och vrider på frågor som berör normer om makt, sex, porr och våld.


070-465 00 47


Sofie Markne

Verksamhetsansvarig över ungdomsjouren. Sofie samordnar, handleder och ansvarar över såväl den utåtriktade verksamheten samt den stödjande verksamheten på Juventas ungdomsjour. Sofie finns tillgänglig för stödsamtal på torsdagar mellan 10-15 och det finns även möjlighet att boka tid för samtal. Kontakta Sofie för frågor som berör ungdomsjourens olika verksamheter i allt från föreläsningar till volontärskap.


(Stödsamtal torsdagar: 10-14)


Katarina Carlie

Katarina är projektledare för ungdomsjourens syskonverksamhet med uppdraget att se till att de som vill ha en mentor utav oss ska få det - oavsett kön. Till henne hör du av dig om du är ung och vill ha en mentor - ett äldre "storasyskon" som du träffar regelbundet, helt gratis. Är du vuxen och känner någon som behöver en mentor av oss är det Katarina du kan maila. All kontakt med oss är frivillig, och vi står för alla utgifter. Vi har tystnadsplikt.


070-970 25 51