För ungdomar

For the youth


With us, you can get a big brother or a big sister that you get to meet regularly and do things with. Read more about our brotherhood here and our sisterhood here!


If you identify yourself as a girl you can chat with us Tuesdays at 6:30 pm to 9 pm. You can talk to us about what you want, no thoughts, topics or problems are too big, too small, too silly, or strange. In the chat, you remain anonymous.

To ensure that you who contact us had a good experience and to ensure the quality of our work we are printing all of our chats and email. Then the operations manager read through chat or email to give the girls who work with the chat feedback on their answers. Chats and email are then shredded and discarded.


Contact us about what you want. No thoughts, topics or problems are too big, too small, too silly, or strange. You get a reply to the email within a week.

You can reach us at info@juventasungdomsjour.se

You can also mail to Question box (Frågelådan) at tjejjouren.se? The answers are from “tjejjourer” from across the country.


You can talk to our organisation manager Mon-Fri. 10 am to 3 pm. You can also leave a message on the answering machine and we will call you. Want to avoid the cost of the call, email or text and we will call you.

Phone: 08-550 680 60 and 070-310 28 44


Sometimes it can feel good to meet someone face to face. Our organisation manager Jonna likes to meet you if you feel you want to talk to someone or you want to have someone accompany you for example to youth clinics, social services, police, etc.

We do not have drop-in but you are welcome to make an appointment by phone or by e-mail!


We who are employees and volunteers sign a vow of silence that means that we do not continue what you are talking about or mailed outside Ungdomsjouren. If we feel a strong concern for you and your situation, we talk to you about it together to come up with a solution that gives you the right support and possible protection. Here you can read more about what the notification requirement in the social services law means.

Have you been in contact with us in any way? We are very grateful if you answer a few questions about us. You help us to become better! The survey takes only a few minutes. To survey! 

Vi som jobbar på ungdomsjouren



Ansvarig för verksamheten och utbildad socionom. Hon samordnar ungdomsjourens olika områden, utbildar och handleder volontärer, har stödsamtal med unga tjejer, ger skolinformation m.m.



Projektledare för Achawat Tayebat som syftar till att integrera nyanlända tjejer i Södertälje genom att erbjuda systerskap med verksamhet på arabiska eller syrianska.



Projektledare för ungdomsjourens ordinarie verksamhet för systerskap med uppdraget att träffa alla lilla- och storasyster, matcha, följa upp och utvärdera systerskapen.



Projektledare för Juventas bröder, samordnar manliga volontärer och jobbar för att etablera en samverkan med bland annat skolor och fritidsgårdar för en långsiktig attityd- och normförändring kring maskulinitet, våld och genus.